Thanks to this website, Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V. (DUH) and Transport & Environment (T&E) want to inform the general public about the existing gap between actual fuel consumption figures and official manufacturer data for passenger cars. We are working to ensure that the manufacturer’s data correspond to reality. Climate-damaging emissions must be reduced in real terms, not just on paper. The duping of consumers that has been going on for years must be stopped. We will:

  • create awareness of the problem among car drivers and politicians
  • promote the exchange of experience between all the major players in Europe regarding the topic of additional fuel consumption
  • support the process with regard to the implementation of laws and political decisions
  • bolster consumers. In the future, they should be able to make an informed purchasing decision and be able to defend themselves against the “undisclosed” fuel consumption values. This includes:
    • Targeted information for car drivers, fleet operators, newly qualified drivers and media representatives regarding the widening gap between actual fuel consumption figures and official manufacturer data.
    • Support for greater legal certainty in order to combat distorted fuel consumption figures. An official contact point could gather information on the fuel consumption deviations ascertained and help enforce consumer rights.
  • inform about the continuing gaps in the law and loopholes in new test methods (such as WLTP)
  • campaign for a better, more realistic test at a European level (e.g. the use of PEMS).




We will:

  • provide background information to help consumers and policy-makers become aware of the issue. All materials will be provided in different languages and distributed through the DUH and T&E network as well as at various events. The material includes flyers, a background paper and a mobile exhibition, which can be shown on special occasions.
  • develop a fuel consumption app that provides information on the actual fuel consumption figures of current car models for all drivers.
  • perform emission and fuel consumption tests with representative new cars and evaluate the new WLTP test method. We will inform the public about existing loopholes and illegal manipulations carried out by the manufacturers and, if necessary, point out additional measures.
  • carry out intensive media work. This includes media events, press releases, TV coverage and background discussions. As part of our media work, a short film on our test activities is also being produced to show how emission and fuel consumption tests are conducted.
  • hold expert talks and conferences in Brussels and Germany. Together with representatives from science and industry and along with other NGOs, we will discuss technical, administrative and legal aspects at EU level in order to better design the control mechanisms and the way that CO2 legislation is implemented.
  • draw up a comparative study on consumer rights in various EU states. What can the consumer do against false fuel consumption figures? In various EU Member States, the findings of the study will be disseminated in workshops. These events are a key part of the general networking activities.